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Tales Of Forgotten Heroes

Dreams Into Reality!

Dreams to reality. Since our creative journey began, Dreams to reality have always been our singular mantra. From the early developments and concepts to late-night development meetings, turning our dreams into reality has always been our mission. Whether small steps or great leaps, our dream was to create a game and story fitting the vision of reality we know you’d love. It is not our dreams that define us, but it reminds us of how truly far we have come to make it into a reality. Whether you started with us creating concept art, Dayton shield slamming into enemies, or recently joined us on the journey, we thank you for your patience. Dreams yield great rewards. So, we are proud to reward our loyal supporters with a brief glimpse of our reality. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, we’re sure you’ll love what’s ahead, and we hope you’ll join us as we return to the realm of eternity. Enjoy this first look at Mirage Tombs!

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