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After his companions continued to be killed one after another, Darkero, the leader of the Exiled Heroes, ignored the will of his creator. Instead of waiting for the Heavenly Army, Darkero waged war on the Davanshi Talion himself — the being responsible for the slaughtering of his friends.

Darkero, despite his hastiness, was not alone. Haruko, his wife, and champion of the Daivik, chose her love for her husband over that of her god. The two of them took on an unbeatable foe. They fought for their lives. They fought for their friends. They fought for the world, and they fought for each other. 

The two lovers’ son, Dayton, survived the End of Time. He was protected by the Elemental Crystal of Light. For many years, with the crystal at his chest, Dayton floated through the Void, always awake, always thinking.

He floated year after year through this limbo, until an obscure magician offered him a deal: If Dayton agreed to find the famed Alchemist who protected the Realm of Eternity from perishing during the onset of the End of Time, the magician would send him out from the Void, and into the Realm of Eternity. The choice was easy. He would set out to find the Alchemist.

Tales of the Forgotten Heroes: Alchemist is a story-driven, next-generation open-world role-playing game, set in a visually stunning fantasy universe, full of impactful consequences, and meaningful choices. Play as Dayton, former prince of the United Exiled Republic of Refugees, who is in search of the Alchemist.



  • Swap between your four Companions instantly, in a tactical hack-n-slash single-player gameplay
  • Explore the Realm of Eternity and find the Alchemist with a friend in two-player local or multiplayer cooperative mode
  • Experience a series unlike any other taking place in a brand new universe
  • Grow in power and strength as you collect items, weapon enhancements, artifacts, ability upgrades, and more.

Uncover the Secrets Together


Dayton, Former Prince of the United Republic of Exiled Refugees and Wielder of the Elemental Star of Light, has been met with a preposition. In exchange for a way out of the End of Time, Dayton has to agree to an obscure magician’s terms. The magician informs him in exchange for taking Dayton outside of the End of Time, Dayton must set out to find the Alchemist who resides within the Realm of Eternity.                Read More –>


The Dual-Wielding Blue-Haired Assassin Luna is the daughter of a farmer in Neverton, Village of New Adventurers. She is known to be exceptionally proficient with daggers and a katana. Wanting to journey outside of Neverton in Ophielian Forest,

Luna has agreed to join Dayton on his expedition throughout the Realm Of Eternity.



Micheal was abandoned by his family and left as an orphan child. With the help of the Avathi, Micheal was adopted and trained by the Elven Captain Demarcius, his adopted father. After his father’s death, he went on to join expedition units, which eventually led to him running into Dayton.



Liam is the younger adopted quasi-brother of Micheal. He is a user of magic. He is hyper-intelligent, but extremely lacking in energy and motivation. For the majority of his life, he has been told that he has magnificent potential. He could find immense success if he only wanted it. He is a member of Dayton’s team.


World of TOFH

On the day of the last Summer Solstice, the Davanshi will save humanity.

All of the seven realms were born from the Daivik to serve as barriers to the Void and objects of his will. To protect himself and his rule, he created the Davinshi. Out of a necessity for a purpose, he inhabited the realms with humans, orcs, dwarves, elves, and a slew of other lifeforms. Out of all of these creations was to inevitably come something undesired, however. The Daivik knew this and made certain that he would never make anyone thing more powerful than himself. What he did not account for, however, was the power of an idea, and how an idea could bring together a force greater than one being. Most of all, he did not foresee that one of the beings he created to protect himself would be the one to spread an idea that threatened to remove him from the top.

The Alchemist knows all, and yet none know him. His great thirst for knowledge made him one of the most powerful people in all of the Realms. It is this same thirst for knowledge that allowed him to shield the Realm of Eternity from the End of Time, therefore saving the Heavenly Realm and the rule of the Daivik, and foiling the plans of the Ravi and Davinshi Talion. Now The Ravi and Talion’s biggest target, the Alchemist’s location is unknown, as he hides not only from those who wish to take him but also those who need him.

Upon being revived, Davinshi Talion brought about the End of Time. Millions of lifeforms, tons of terrain, and entire realms were destroyed in an instant. Talion, through the End of Time, planned to absorb the Heavenly Realm into the Void, by first swallowing all of the realms between them. The Realm of Eternity, which stands in between the Void and the Heavenly Realm, with help from the Alchemist, was not swallowed, however. Without a clear route to the Heavenly Realm, the Void was not able to absorb it. The Realm of Eternity now stands as the best and only bulwark of the Daivik’s reign.

Fight as one of four companions. You can choose which one to assume control of at any moment, in or out of combat. This increases battle and dialogue diversity, as each of your characters presents you with different fighting abilities and conversation branches.

The battlefield is never the same with the Captain system. Enemy leaders are capable of aura effects that influence the entire combat. Some buff their subordinates while alive, others when they die. Some groups have no captain, others have many. It’s always a different dynamic.

Each companion has two stances between which they can switch. Each stance carries a different kit of 4 skills. Alternate between stances so you can create an even greater variety of combos. This system, along the companionship one, gives players a true sense of creative possibilities.

Fight as one of four companions. You can choose which one to assume control of at any moment, in or out of combat. This increases battle and dialogue diversity, as each of your characters presents you with different fighting abilities and conversation branches.